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Webtize helps major retailers with custom web development, custom POS integrations, reporting, analytics, stock management and POS solutions

What we offer


We resell and develop custom plugins and integration on ERPLY POS

ZOHO Analytics

We help the answer you need from your data with the help of best BI / analytics application 

POS Hardware

We believe POS hardware should be the one which saves time, space and 

Custom Integration

We love building applications which help in improving efficiencies and get better ROI 

ERPLY POS Custom Plugins

Each business is unique and POS systems are the same, we bridge that gap by building plugins to fit business processes and efficiency


Our own internal app for efficient purchase receiving and stock management for ERPLY POS 


 ERPLY POS is the most versatile POS System to run and grow a successful retail business.

Webtize is a reseller and develops custom integration on ERPLY POS

Some integrations include:
* Magento2 
* Vii Giftcards
* Get all objects from POS to a cloud or Internal database
* and lots more… 

Zoho Analytics

 Webtize is a authorised reseller of Zoho Analytics.

Zoho Analytics is a self-service BI and data analytics software that lets you create visually appealing data visualisations and insightful dashboards in minutes. 

We help you transform huge amounts of your raw data into actionable reports and dashboards. Track your key business metrics, see longtime trends, identify outliers, and unearth hidden insights.

POS Hardware

You need to have the best Point-of-Sale solution for your retail business situation to cater to your customers at any point in time. 

We help you make the right choice. 


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